Smoking policy

Smoking Policy

1  Purpose

We believe in promoting good health in the young people we work with. At the same time we recognise that, for many of our students, the issue of smoking has been detrimental to their ability to manage attendance and behaviour in their education. We are committed to supporting young people to engage with education and to make healthy life choices. To these ends our approach to young people smoking tobacco whilst in our care has to be clear and consistent. This policy sets out our practice in managing this difficult issue.

2  Physical environment

  • Young people to hand in tobacco and/or cigarettes at 9.30 am, and after each break
  • All smoking will take place in a designated area of Releasing Potential buildings
  • A sand bucket will be provided
  • At least one member of RP staff will supervise smokers at all times.

3  Parental permission

  • We will assume students have parental permission to smoke if they arrive at RP with cigarettes or tobacco
  • Parents who do not want their children to smoke at RP will need to inform us in writing or we will assume consent
  • Parents who have informed us in writing of their wish that their child does not smoke at RP, will be contacted by telephone should their child be found smoking, and asked to collect them immediately
  • Any child who is caught smoking without parental consent will be automatically excluded from RP for the following day
  • Parents of young people who share tobacco with others who do not have parental consent will be contacted and asked to collect their child; if they are unable to do this the child will be excluded the following day.

4  SHAPE system

  • Smoking will not be included in SHAPE scoring. This will enable us to deliver our rewards/sanctions structures effectively in relation to all other behavioural issues.

5  Health promotion

  • Young people will be encouraged to access local smoking cessation services, and where possible supported to attend
  • Young people will be offered attractive rewards for not smoking – this includes current non-smokers
  • PSD, Outdoor Ed, Food Studies and PE curricula will include focus on healthy choices
  • Neither students nor staff are allowed to consume fizzy or energy drinks at Releasing Potential. Any student doing so will not achieve the H in their SHAPE books for that session.

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