Special Educational Needs

Releasing Potential School specialises in working with children with Special Educational Needs (S.E.N). Our students experience a range of barriers to full inclusion in mainstream opportunities, and present with Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties and/or Emotional Vulnerability. All students have Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCPs). *

We have developed strategies, over many years of experience in this sector, to support students in managing their responses to stress and anxiety; in turn they are able to make progress in academic and social areas. We specialise in working with challenging behaviour and are able to tailor programmes of learning and support to suit individual needs and concerns. As part of our commitment to breaking down barriers to inclusion, we do not require students to wear a school uniform.

By the end of Year 11 students have a college place, or other appropriate next destination; they have qualifications up to Level 1 in a range of academic and vocational subjects, and the social and emotional skills to cope with whatever comes next. 

*Please note, an SEN Information Report is not available as a separate document as all students have registered SEND. Admission arrangements can be found in our Accessibility Plan and Admissions Policy.


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