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Post 16 Education

Releasing Potential offers Sixth Form provision for students who are not ready at the end of Year 11 to manage in a large scale college environment because of their emotional vulnerability.

Some students will have been at Releasing Potential in Year 11, but we are happy to accept referrals for students who have studied at other establishments and who would benefit from a small scale, highly supportive and individualised programme.

The Releasing Potential Sixth Form provision runs as a 1 or 2 year programme. Students who are able to progress onto further education or training, work placements or apprenticeships after year 1, will do so. Those who need further support will remain for the 2nd year where further training and time is given to preparing students for an appropriate next destination.

Each student works to their own programme which is suited to their needs and motivations. The main focus is to get students ‘work ready’ and support their pathway into further education, an apprenticeship or work.

Students’ individual timetables consist of 4 core areas: English, Maths and Employability and Project. All other subjects are catered specifically to the group or young person to enable their progression towards achieving their focus.

Even though students have personal timetables, they are encouraged to interact and work with their peers to build positive working relationships where possible. Team work is an important element to student’s personal development; learning to work with others using effective communication skills is good preparation for work experience and placements.

The aim for students who participate on our Sixth Form programme is to gain an understanding of career opportunities, working life, and independent living. Through practical knowledge and experience, students are empowered to be independent young people who can access further education/training, apprenticeships and even work by the end of the course. This gives students the confidence to believe in themselves, recognise their strengths, enabling them to develop further and contribute positively to society.

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