NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications)

National Vocational Qualifications


Not all Sixth Form students will be ready to work towards formal qualifications like GCSEs or A Levels. For many, their time in Releasing Potential Sixth Form will be focused on what they can do to prepare for further education of for the world of work. We work hard to provide opportunities to our Sixth Form students to gain hands-on experience of life outside of school, as well as formal qualifications at a level at which students can comfortably manage. Our NVQs allow students the chance to work towards qualifications suited to their needs.

Formal qualifications and In-house awards available to gain during Sixth Form include:

  • Maths up to Level 2
  • English up to Level 2
  • Any other Core awards offered at RP which have not already been achieved
  • RP Climbing Award
  • RP Mountain Biking Award
  • RP Outdoor Cooking Award
  • First Aid


We offer a range of NVQs in activities that promote self-confidence and emotional and physical well-being, and we work hard to provide opportunities for work experience. Residential and expeditions are also available to all Sixth Form students, and allow them to put their skills into practice.

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