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Keep up to date with all the latest news from Releasing Potential School. We will bring you updates throughout the year on our school-related activities and events, but you can follow us on social media to see what our amazing students are getting up to day by day and week by week. Why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to see what we are getting up to?

Can I be part of your world?

It is a rare thing for me to write about anything personal within the context of my family. However, I believe any child marginalised should have equal access to society. My eldest daughter was born with Spina Bifida, which is where the spine does not develop as...

In response to Adoption UK

Amendments to the Teachers’ Standards to accommodate the needs of traumatised children.   On the 6th March 2019, Adoption UK presented Nick Gibb MP with a letter to request amendments to the Teachers Standards to accommodate the need of traumatised children. Please...

What is citizenship?

I am the citizenship lead for a small independent Special Needs School (among other roles). But what does this mean and what do I do? The Citizenship curriculum’s aim is to produce ‘responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society’. The idea is to...

Zip Wire

Life on a zip wire is made up of several different stages; the waiting, the getting on, the commitment of pushing off, the ride, the end, the recovery and return to the start.  A zip wire seems to have synergy with creating, running and developing an organisation. The...

Happy New Year

'Happy New Year' is an interesting term or greeting where we are wishing the best for someone for the start of their year.  I personally love New Year’s Eve celebrations as my family and I gather with the family we have created through the worlds of University and the...

The joy of giving

Today was an exciting day for the Releasing Potential Staff Team as we were looking forward to a very special event, which had involved planning, secrecy and creativity. It was the staff ‘Secret Santa’ giving of presents. My colleague Karen, has now refined this...


HAPPY NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY! As a school, we encourage students to keep up to date with current affairs. We implement this by using awareness days as a topic for citizenship lessons or as a daily discussion point. You may ask, how does...

Loving the Lost

Releasing Potential School founder, Mike King, is a strong believer in ‘Loving the Lost’ and banking compassion. It has been 17 years since Mike founded Releasing Potential and he is still truly dedicated to investing in young people without any guarantee of a return....

OFSTED 2018 – what a report!

As the staff at Releasing Potential School, myself included, sat in the lunch room one Monday afternoon this May, a call came through to our Senior Executive Officer in the middle of one of our student-led lunches. The message: "OFSTED are on the phone"...

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