As a school, we encourage students to keep up to date with current affairs. We implement this by using awareness days as a topic for citizenship lessons or as a daily discussion point.

You may ask, how does celebrating national sandwich day fit into the RP curriculum?! Yes, there may be more educational awareness days to cover, but you should never under estimate the power of the UK’s favourite lunch.

Making a sandwich is a process. The process involves decision making, timing, ratio and possibly cooking skills. Therefore, the students have to make many independent decisions that will impact the end result (Deliciousness of said sandwich). We know that young people will often opt for a chocolate bar over an apple, so we try to encourage a balanced diet.

Many students topped their chicken sandwiches with salad items such as: lettuce, cucumber and onions. Avocado was popular choice for the more active members that wanted some healthy fats. However, One student discovered that there is more than just the filling that needs to be considered.

As we do many activities outside, we often have to think innovatively and make use of the resources available to us. After a productive morning at the allotment, a student made a cooked sandwich using the drum of a washing machine!  Apparently, the smokiness gave extra flavour. He also collected some eggs from the RP Farm and added them to his creation.

Have a look at the image above to see just SOME of our wonderful creations! Our students would love to know which sandwich you would pick from our menu, please comment below! I hope that we have inspired you to mix up your filling and think about all the different possibilities. Well done to all staff and students that took part in National Sandwich Day.