‘Happy New Year’ is an interesting term or greeting where we are wishing the best for someone for the start of their year.  I personally love New Year’s Eve celebrations as my family and I gather with the family we have created through the worlds of University and the Outdoors over the years.  We now number several families and seemingly hundreds of children (although now they themselves are adults) and we celebrate the relationships we have the dawning of a new calendar year.

We all recognise the moments in our lives when we remember a special event or have marked a moment in time which in the future can bring memories of sadness, pride, happiness, regret in fact emotions which matter to our character. When these occasions happen they are generally planned and we approach them with anticipation, as we try to predict how it might be as we live through the experience.  This planning may not be intentional and in fact could just be a result in us investing time and energy into something we believe in.

It is just the second week of the spring term or the calendar year and yet at Releasing Potential we have seen long term conversations flourish into realistic concrete agreements in regards to certain projects, other organisations purchasing our Forest School / Bushcraft Badge Scheme and asking us to deliver our courses in The Management of Challenging Behaviour to their staff teams or students.  The greeting of the New Year for me is the opportunity to see the potential of the seeds we have sown into relationships, research, learning and time bear fruit into opportunities which enable people to be released into their full potential.

Best Wishes for 2019, 

Mike King