Life on a zip wire is made up of several different stages; the waiting, the getting on, the commitment of pushing off, the ride, the end, the recovery and return to the start.  A zip wire seems to have synergy with creating, running and developing an organisation.

  • The waiting: When ones dreams are formed and is full of anticipation.
  • The getting on: Is the first real commitment in the process and is a taster of what is to come. 
  • The pushing off: The point at which you can see where you are going in the next phase of development.
  • The ride: (The most exciting part) We all live for the high adrenalin, fast paced, feeling of flying that comes with the execution of the plan. When the ride ends it is rarely smoothly, generally with a bit of a jolt and a shock to the system. 
  • The recovery: Now we must choose whether to walk away or reset the ride.  If we are able to return to the start of a new process, we can then find strength to cope with the waiting, where creative dreams can form.

Next time you, your child or someone else is on that zip wire and you hear the screams of delight, you see the broad grin and the hair flying, don’t forget that although all rides end, they can lead into the next creative phase ready for the life changing experience to happen again.