Releasing Potential School founder, Mike King, is a strong believer in ‘Loving the Lost’ and banking compassion. It has been 17 years since Mike founded Releasing Potential and he is still truly dedicated to investing in young people without any guarantee of a return. As I’m sure you can imagine, there are new challenges everyday. Here is what Mike King had to say after a particularly challenging day: 

“Releasing Potential is a name which sums up what we want to impart to the children within the care of our education provision. However, what something says on the tin is not always what is inside – sometimes we want to try and Release a young person’s potential but we have to first deal with problems going on beyond school. I write this blog post after an incident where one student was looking to physically hurt another due to a relationship outside of school. The staff team responded brilliantly to the situation by following our processes outlined in the Management of Challenging Behaviour. Underpinning this approach was the love and care for the children, regardless of how their behaviour was to handle.


When the people we work with are often at the margins of society or have behaviours which, in general, we find challenging and potentially detrimental to society, it becomes very difficult to show them the love that they need. In the context of a school, love is a conscious decision best shown by a group of people with the interests of the children at the centre of their decision making.


‘Loving the Lost’ is a term often used in the context of a religious belief. However, I believe that all educationalists are called to demonstrate love within their care. The children at Releasing Potential School have Special Educational Needs and all have an Educational Health Care Plan. EHCP holders represent 1% of the student population within a County like West Sussex. It should be our privilege to work with this unique people group who deserve to be loved so that they can find a place to exist within the 99% of their peer group.”