Releasing Potential Philosophy

The Releasing Potential Philosophy


The Releasing Potential philosophy guides everything we do. It is important that we create a place of safety and fun for young people, allowing them to take managed risks that lead to breakthroughs in social and emotional well-being. We believe in the power of community, in putting our faith in something far bigger than any one individual, and in creating opportunities for our staff and young people to contribute positively to the organisation and to the wider social world. A careful balance of belonging, safety and risk underpins each and every system within Releasing Potential. Whether in our school and education programmes, our research institute, or our work with families, we work hard to ‘bank compassion’, by investing in people and taking risks in the hope that our investment will bring about a positive return in the lives of those we support.

Our Core Values:


Banking Compassion

We invest in young people without any guarantee of a return. Our faith in the power of people and community underlies the importance of the compassion that we ‘bank’ in the hope that young people will respond positively, even when this can take a long time to come about, if at all.

Reasoned Empathy

We believe that we are at our most effective as educators and role models to young people when we are able to empathise without exercising self-indulgent selflessness. We need to take good care of ourselves and each other to ensure we are capable of delivering at our very best.

Managed Risk

Without risk, we risk being ineffective in making relationships with hard-to-reach young people. In a world where safeguarding is increasingly important, we are committed to finding safe but creative ways of allowing staff and students to bring about meaningful change together.

Responsible Growth

We are committed to growing our organisation responsibly. To do this we need to find innovative ways of funding our work that limit our reliance on precarious funding streams, and allow us to provide stable and long-term support for those who need us most.


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