Thank you for engaging in Dispute Resolution and/or Mediation. We are always looking to improve our service and would appreciate you answering the following questions about your experience.  Your personal details are confidential and will not be used publicly. Please indicate in the comments section of the survey if you are unhappy for us to use your feedback for promotional purposes.

Mediator name
SEN Officer name
Are you a parent/SEN officer/other attendee?
Based on this experience, I would recommend dispute resolution/ mediation to others.
If you used the website, was it easy to use?
Was the information on the website helpful?
Please leave comment on what worked particularly well or what could be improved upon. Please indicate if you are unhappy for your comment(s) to be used for promotional purposes.
Would you like to be involved in a focus session with our mediation team?

Focus sessions help us to understand how we can improve our service to those appealing decisions via dispute resolution and mediation. If you agree to take part, a SEND Mediator will arrange to call or Zoom you to have a short discussion about your experience. This feedback will reach the Local Authority and help shape the service in the future.

Please indicate if this is something you are interested in.