Qualification Withdrawal Policy

Part 1: Withdrawal of a qualification, unit/s or closure of a centre:

1.0 Purpose:

The purpose of this document is to state the procedure to be followed by Releasing Potential in the event that a qualification or unit/s is/are withdrawn, or in the event of the closure of the Centre.

Releasing Potential will ensure that any qualification or unit withdrawal will be managed with the interests of registered candidates foremost. We will do this by ensuring candidates are given sufficient notice in the event of:

  1. Withdrawal of a qualification.
  2. Withdrawal of a unit or units.
  3. The closure of a Releasing Potential Centre.

2.0 Scope:

This policy covers the following:

  • All qualifications offered by NCFE.
  • All qualifications offered by ASDAN.

3.0 Reasons for withdrawing a qualification:

3.1 There are a number of reasons why a qualification might be withdrawn by the accrediting body including:

  • Lack of demand for the qualification.
  • Qualification no longer meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Qualification subject matter no longer relevant.
  • Revision of a level assigned to a qualification.

3.2 Releasing Potential may also withdraw a programme leading to a particular qualification.

The reasons for this might include:

  • Lack of demand for the programme which leads to the qualification.
  • Sanctions imposed on Releasing Potential by an accrediting body.
  • Withdrawal of the qualification by the accrediting body.

4.0 Process for withdrawing a qualification/unit/ closure of a centre:

4.1 In the event that a Releasing Potential Centre ceases to operate, we will take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of candidates and potential candidates.

4.2 We will notify each of the awarding organisations we are approved by of our intention to cease to be a provider or withdraw provision of any of regulated qualifications. In doing so we will ensure that:

  • we cease to register further candidates.
  • candidates are not disadvantaged through such a decision and are allowed to claim unit/credit certification to which they may be entitled.
  • candidates are informed in a timely fashion.
  • candidates already entered for the qualification have been provided with support to find alternative options for them to complete the qualification.
  • we make no misrepresentations in any marketing material regarding qualifications that have been withdrawn.
  • we will notify the awarding body of any candidates who may be affected by the withdrawal.
  • comply with any written instructions by NCFE with regard to the withdrawal of its qualifications.

Part 2: Candidate Withdrawal Policy:

5.0 Purpose:

This document sets out how Releasing Potential will deal with students who withdraw or are withdrawn from their qualification(s) part way through the planned programme.

5.1 Releasing Potential will do all it can to build a positive working relationship with each student to ensure they have the best possible chance of completing their programme. This relationship is also important in dealing early with any issue, problems or factors that may contribute to the withdrawal of a student.

6.0 Scope:

6.1 This procedure covers students who do not complete a qualification with Releasing Potential due to:

  • voluntary withdrawal.
  • the outcome of a needs-based assessment that determines that the pursuit of the qualification may be detrimental to the student’s wellbeing.
  • permanent exclusion from the school or post-16 provision.
  • a placement change that means the qualification cannot be completed by the student.
  • long term illness that makes completion impossible.

7.0 Process:

7.1   A student who withdraws part way through their qualification is required to notify their Teacher/Tutor/ Course Leader of their intention to do so where the notification has not already come from another source (such as the Local Authority). The Teacher/Tutor/ Course Leader will meet with the student and their parent/ carer (if applicable) to understand more about what has led to the withdrawal.

7.2 For Learners who have prolonged or unexplained absences, where no confirmation of withdrawal has been received nor a request to have a break in learning, the Teacher/Tutor/Course Leader will meet with the student (if possible) and/or their parent/carer to try and understand better the reason behind their absence or lack of engagement and discuss their options moving forward, one of which may be to withdraw.

7.3 If the withdrawal is confirmed, the Exams Officer will complete a ‘Candidate Withdrawal Form’ and submit that to the Curriculum Lead for approval. The Exams Officer should take into account whether any credit transfer of Evidence of Prior Learning may be available to the student on withdrawal.

7.4 Once the withdrawal is approved, the Exams Officer will withdraw the candidate from the accrediting body’s system and file a copy of the withdrawal confirmation alongside the ‘Candidate Withdrawal Form’.

7.5 Withdrawals will be reviewed at least twice annually at the Curriculum Team meeting. The Exams Officer will present on any withdrawals as an agenda item. Discussion of any learning that can be taken from withdrawals will be recorded in the meeting minutes.

7.6 The Curriculum Lead is responsible for ensuring that learning points are both documented and acted upon should this be appropriate.

7.7 The Head Teacher is responsible for ensuring the process detailed herein is adhered to.

Review date: 1st August 2023