In times like these, when the world is overwhelmed by uncertainty, we all need to find ways to cope with the heavy and stressful situation we face. When each person is so focussed on maintaining and protecting their physical health, it can often happen that we find ourselves neglecting our mental wellbeing. Although it seems like our inner state has taken a step back and we’ve given the foremost attention to other, more alarming, priorities, we have to remember to always treat our inner mental health with the care it deserves.

Given the present circumstances, many of us are self-isolating in our homes, with our utmost attention being on keeping each other  and those around us safe, especially the ones at who do not have the same privilege and whose career or health puts them at risk on the daily. To those of us stuck indoors, at first glance this situation might appear quite restricting to our everyday lives and almost seem like a sacrifice too hard to make, but it is in fact a minimal price to pay for the great amount we are contributing to society through staying inside. Moreover, no matter the situation, we have to remember that we can always find something beneficial in it which we can use to our advantage. Whether you are in a position which involves studying and continuing your lessons from the comfort of your house, working from home and trying to make most of it with your fellow colleagues or just in your flat suddenly having found yourself with a lot more free time on your hands, this is a real opportunity to sit back and press pause, even if just for a second.

First and foremost, as unity is so crucial to fighting the issue we are all facing, you can press pause and find ways to contribute further: use this new free time to help others to the best of your abilities, donate to those in need or just ensure you are doing all that you are required from the authorities. However, we must not neglect ourselves and our own well-being in the process. Amongst all the tension and insecurity that has consumed the world, those of us lucky enough have been given a moment to isolate ourselves from our everyday surroundings, and a chance to turn our attention to ourselves and determine what we need to change and improve in order to benefit not only our physical, but above all mental well-being. Press pause on the daily hustle and bustle, on the urgent meetings and deadlines, on the stress of your surrounding environment, and reevaluate.

During this moment of reassessment, we must not forget one important detail: this is a time when we are allowed to put our needs and happiness first, allow ourselves to be selfish during a time when we as a society have to stay united if we want to achieve the greater goal. We have been given the chance to slow down and distance ourselves from the things that undoubtedly affect us mentally, emotionally and physically, the constant sources of stress and unhappiness in our lives, and to devise a plan of action on how we can improve our state. Now is the time to also focus on us and do something for ourselves that will lay the foundation of change for not only a better future, but a better inner and outer well-being. 

Releasing Potential strongly believes in the principle of doing more of what makes you happy, prioritising self care and our needs while balancing and understanding those of our students, colleagues and communities. Taking up a new hobby, devising a new career plan, reading a book you’ve been meaning to start for a while, calling that friend you’ve lost touch with, learning a language you’ve always wanted to speak. Every little helps to strengthen the mind and ensure a calm and balanced inner state. During this time of self-isolation, try and do something in your favour each day, no matter how small and insignificant it might appear. Your future self will thank you.