Dr Kathy Weston 

Education Researcher and Criminologist

Our 2019 conference brings together a range of important voices to explore transitions, in, to, and from education and social care settings. We are very happy to announce that our morning Keynote is the inspirational Dr Kathy Weston – read more about Dr Weston below. 

Much like 2018, the conference will be at New Place Hotel and lunch is included in the ticket price.
There is still time to book but be quick as tickets are selling fast.


 ‘Mission Transition: Empowering Practitioners and Parents so Children Can Thrive’

See Kathy’s talk at 9:10am in the Arden Suite
There is also a scheduled Q&A. Please submit questions when booking.

In this keynote talk, criminologist and education researcher, Dr Kathy Weston, will discuss the importance of devising effective strategies for helping young people and their families to manage any transition successfully. She will explain both the benefits and risks attached to transition and explain in practical and holistic terms how practitioners can offer effective support (referring to various ideas contained within the sociological literature on change, identity and entry into institutional life). 


Dr Weston is highly published in her subject, having blogged for the Huffington Post . sites such as PTA UK, magazines (such as Independent School Parent), The Chartered Institute of IT, and is a co-author of Bloomsbury‘s 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Engaging Parents.

As part of Kathy’s mission to bridge the gap between research and real-life parenting, she co-presents a live, weekly radio show on Radio Verulam’s 92.6FM, called The Parents’ Show.Kathy also contributes to various other radio stations. including BBC Radio 2 and BBC Three Counties.

Dr Weston is very active on social media and shares industry news and insight as well as glimpses into her personal life. 


The Details

Managing Transitions in Education, Support & Social Care

 Wednesday, 10 July 2019
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM [GMT]
New Place Hotel
High Street, Shirrell Heath, Hampshire, United Kingdom SO32 2JY

Ticket price starts from £40

Ticket includes:

Admission to all Keynote sessions
Admission to all workshops
Breakfast upon arrival
Sit-down lunch