If you keep up to date with the latest SEND Education news, I am sure the latest article by The Guardian would have left you feeling aghast. With schools’ ever-growing desire to be top of the league tables, more and more children with SEND are being encouraged to leave education, or are even excluded, due to the inability of mainstream schools to deliver an adequate behaviour management plan.

Around 15% of UK pupils have some form of SEND; only 1/5 of those have a special education needs statement or specialised education and health care plan. This shows that there is an ever growing need to tailor our ability to deliver effective education within mainstream schools. ASC, EBD, ADHD and emotional trauma are just some of the factors that could affect a child’s ability to succeed in a mainstream school, highlighting that there is no ‘one size fits all’ where education is concerned.

The article also states that children with SEND account for 46.7% of permanent exclusions. This illustrates a growing need for teachers in mainstream schools to be trained to diffuse hostile situations and manage challenging behaviour. Getting on top of challenging behaviour will help decrease the number of students being excluded and prevent students’ further from exclusion from society in their adult life.

The Releasing Potential School implements strict ‘no restraint’ approach. We would much rather a broken door or chair than to have anyone physically hurt. Our specialist training programmes are designed by industry experts that have over seventeen years’ experience of working with at-risk young people with the most challenging behaviour. The courses emphasise the importance of belonging, safety and managed risk in working with the most challenging children and young people in the country.

By working together, broadening our knowledge, and understanding how to manage challenging behaviour, we can prevent children with SEND being excluded from society and improve behaviour management within mainstream schools.


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