Forest Explorers Bushcraft Award Scheme


The Forest Explorers Award Scheme is aimed at those who are interested in, or already provide, Bush Craft activities.

The youngest age we recommend for the scheme would be 8 years old but this can be dependent on the provider.

The minimum requirement for practitioners wanting to provide the scheme is the Institute for Outdoor Learning Buchcraft Competency Certificate or an equivalent award / training.

There are 12 types of bushcraft badge to collect, a sample of which can be found below:

Fire Skills Badge

To earn the Fire Skills badge:


  • Participants will be able to demonstrate that they understand the elements, practise and purpose of Fire.
  • Participnats will show this through building, lighting, sustaining and extinguishing a fire.

 Shelter Building Badge

To earn the Shelter building badge:


  • Participants will be able to understand why shelter is necessary for survival
  • Participants will demonstrate their ability to make a range of shelters using tarps and natural resources. 

Wilderness Living Badge

The wilderness living badge combines a range of skills demonstrated as part of other badges:


  • Participants should undertake the wilderness living badge when they have completed the necessary range of skills as part of earning other badges
  • Participants should undertake the wilderness living badge towards the end of the Forest Explorers Award scheme.

Forest Explorers Bushcraft Award Passport


Each participant in the Forest Explorer Award can be provided with a passport that can be used to record their progress.  The passport allows the children to see what they have achieved and what exciting new activities they will be able to participate in in the future.


The material used for the passport is a water-resistant paper which ensures that it endure some of the outdoor elements however we recommend that you keep it safe in a bag when you are having fun in the woods.


 The Award Passport

The Forest Explorer Bushcraft Award passport allows participants to track progress towards bushcraft badges across a number of sessions.

Opportunities to ‘tick off’ skills that contribute towards earning badges can be found across more than one session and progress can be easily recorded.

It is a fun way for all to see what has happened on the journey with Forest Explorers and what might happen next.


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