Social Enterprise


At Releasing Potential, we believe that given the right environment and support, young people can thrive. For some children, the traditional models of education available in mainstream schools and colleges don’t work well, and they need a more creative solution. We work with social enterprise partners to secure work placements for our young people that can supplement a varied curriculum or help to give them the vital experience they need in order to progress in the world of work after they leave us.

Releasing Potential Enterprises offers students an opportunity to work and gain skills, with all the safeguarding and structure that our young people need remaining in place. Work placements offer experience of administration, business, finance, and communication, as well as practical skills. At Emsworth Outboards students can learn how to service and maintain engines from a team of engineers; at Releasing Potential Farm, students learn to care for animals and to grow, market and sell produce; at RP Printing students can learn about the printing industry and design and make customers’ orders. All the activities that students take part in hep them work towards nationally-recognised qualifications as part of their post-16 school work, and help to prepare them for life beyond school.


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