Meet the Alpacas


The Releasing Potential alpacas were gifted to us in 2017, having spent most of their lives in South America before being relocated to West Sussex. They are an important part of our family, and each has his own distinct personality. They offer our students opportunities to work with animals in a safe environment, and they are great company too! Students get to take part in all parts of the farm process, from caring for the animals to finding inventive ways to create and use products made from their wool and other waste.

Introducing the farm team

Meet the alpacas - Mr Chocolate

Melanie Rance

Farm Manager

Melanie joined Releasing Potential in 2017 as Farm Manager and is based between out West Sussex farm site and our Chichester school site. Melanie is skilled in agricultural work and is responsible for looking after the alpaca herd; she is also a talented artisan and spins wool from the alpacas’ fleece, turning it into beautiful products.
Meet the alpacas - Mr Chocolate

Mr Chocolate

Mr Chocolate is the smaller of our two brown-coloured alpacas, and the most popular and photogenic. Mr Chocolate enjoys minor celebrity status as the face of the Releasing Potential Farm. As one of two brown-coloured alpacas, Mr Chocolate can be distinguished from Blockhead by his slightly smaller size. Mr Chocolate spends his days eating, and dreaming of ways to expand his lucrative ‘brand’ into an empire of Kardashian-West proportions.
Meet the alpacas - Blockhead


Blockhead is slightly larger in size to Mr Chocolate, and is the alpha male in the herd. Blockhead can be told apart from Mr Chocolate by the distinctive square face that has earned him his name. Blockhead is very friendly towards human visitors, and is happy to eat out of your hand. He is the wise old sage of the group; where he goes, the rest of the herd follow.
Meet the alpacas - King Kev

King Kev

King Kev is so-named after his uncanny resemblance to 1980s footballer Kevin Keegan. King Kev’s spectacular “curly perm” look makes him stand out from the rest of the herd, and serves to seal his place as an alpaca style icon. King Kev is the second alpha male, and regularly falls out with Blockhead, as part of his ongoing struggle for power in the herd. King Kev keeps the rest of the herd in check, however, and so plays an important role in the group.
Meet the alpacas - Goatface


Goatface is so-called, because he looks so much like a goat. Alternative names (such as Suarez) were also floated, but Goatface has stuck. Goatface is the least friendly of the herd, and is unlikely to eat out of your hand. He has been seen bullying Tiny Tim, and so needs to be given a wide berth!
Meet the alpacas - Sheepface


Sheepface has been cleverly named for his resemblance to a sheep. He looks remarkably like Goatface, but the students tell us there is a distinct difference between the two. Sheepface spends most of his time with Goatface, and tends to avoid human interaction if he can help it. He is, like Goatface, an introvert and is not keen on socialising withn the herd.
Meet the alpacas - Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is the smallest alpaca in the herd, but he doesn’t let that get in his way too much. Tiny Tim keeps himself to himself, and is somewhat of a loner. He spends most of his time attempting to avoid confrontation with the double act of Sheepface and Goatface, who are more aggressive by nature.

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