Trafalgar Sailing Project

Trafalgar Sailing Project

The Trafalgar Sailing Project runs throughout the spring and summer school holidays for Looked-After Children from Portsmouth, Southampton, and Hampshire.

The project provides a long-term programme giving children and young people in care the opportunity to fully develop their sailing skills and progress over time. The sailing for looked-after children programme is free of charge, but children will need to be referred in order to qualify for a place.

How it works

The Trafalgar project is run from the RP Coastal Centre at Northney. Children and young people will arrive on site at the centre for thier briefing, followed by activities on the water.


Referral process

Participation in the Sailing Academy is organised through local social care organisations, who send out invitations to all qualifying young people at the start of each season. If you are living in the Hampshire Local Authority area, you can download a Hampshire-only referral form here. You can email to us via as soon as you have completed the form.


Young people who attend the project over the summer can work their way through the RYA scheme. Last season we had our first young person volunteering as an Assistant Instructor teaching the other young people, a real mark of the success of the project.


We run sailing residentials for Looked-After children.  The young people sail their boats from Portsmouth Harbour across the open sea and into Chichester Harbour where they spend a few nights camping and enjoying sailing in one of the busiest and most beautiful harbours in the country, before sailing back to Portsmouth a few days later.