Northney sailing



We run sailing activities throughout the year for participants who wish to improve their skills.

Those who attend the sailing academy have the opportunity to sail around Portsmouth Harbour, navigate the busy Solent and occasionally stop off on the Isle of Wight for an ice cream!

Participants will be provided with the craft of choice, paddle, buoyancy aid and a waterproof phone case to allow for contact in case of emergencies. Due to the harbour being affected by tides, the times hire is available will change daily. For our most up to date times please check our Facebook Page.

The Craft

We use two Hawk 20 keel boats.  The design allows to us teach groups of up to six. The boats react well to the wind and tide yet are safe and dry enabling us to teach sailing in a range of weathers and conditions.


We offer a range of qualifictaions in sailing incuding: RYA Level 1, RYA Level 2, Seamanship Skills and Assistant Instructor qualification.

    What to bring

    You’ll need to bring suitable clothing, including a spare set of warm, dry clothes. You’ll also need to bring your lunch if participating in a full day (10am-2pm)