Getting to Linkenholt

What time can I get access to the site?

We are able to be relatively flexible about the time at which groups can access to site. If you require access any earlier than 10am on the day of arrival, please get in contact with us for confirmation that someone can be available to let you in and that this will not conflict with another group’s hire. All arrangements to arrive at the site must be made in advance with Linkenholt Adventure Centre staff by calling 07944556044.

Will there be someone at the site to meet me?

Yes. If you have arranged a booking and received confirmation of this, a member of the Linkenholt Adventure Centre team will arrive to meet you at the confirmed time. The staff member will let you in and explain where everything is, and briefly run through the terms and conditions of use. You will need to inspect the site before the staff member hands over responsibility for it to you for the duration of your visit. if you are going to be late for any reason, please let us know by calling 07944556044 as soon as you become aware of the delay.

How much space is there for parking?

Linkenholt Adventure Centre can be accessed by car. Access to base camp is from the metalled roads along a track. Parking is restricted to the area just inside the base camp entrance, which can fit up to eight cars. Additional parking, should it be required, must be cleared in advance with the site manager.

Is there a shop in Linkenholt village?

Yes. There is a small village shop less than half of a mile from Base Camp. The shop welcomes custom from visitors to Linkenholt, but does not wish to have large numbers of young people in the shop at the same time. Arrangements can be made to buy tuck in bulk, the shop phone number is 01264 737220. The Linkenholt site does not have a postcode, so unfortunately supermarket deliveries cannot come out to the site.

How accessible is the site to larger vehicles?

The site is accessible to cars of most shapes and sizes. Please bear in mind that as a countryside activity centre, roads are often muddy and can be difficult to access at certain times of the year if your vehicle has particularly low suspension or will struggle to drive off-road if the tracks are flooded or too deep. If you are hoping to access the site by anything larger than a car or small minibus (by coach for example) please contact us to discuss whether this will be accessible and our team can advise you.

Can we bring our dog?

No. Unfortunately, animals of any kind are strictly prohibited. This is because livestock and crops on the Linkenholt estate must be protected and groups would be liable for damage to the estate if an animal strayed out of the in-bounds areas. If a guide dog is required by a member of your group, please ensure this is arranged upon booking, so that we can make preparations for a dog to be on site.

While you are here

What amenities are there on site?

The sites consists of 7 acres of camping grounds and a 150-square-metre village hall space with a kitchen and food prep area; this is called ‘Base Camp’. There are toilet and shower facilities at Base Camp, consisting of nine toilets (split between male, female and disabled accessible) toilets and seven shower cubicles, including one disabled accessible shower or ‘wet room’. The areas available to groups may vary depending on the month and the type of activity. In general, all public rights of way may be used and most other well-defined tracks and footpaths.

How accessible is the site to wheelchair users?

The mission of the Blagrave Trust is to facilitate access to the outdoors for the greatest possible number of young people. With this in mind, we have made our Base Camp facilities wheelchair accessible. However, as with all countryside locations there may still be some challenges in accessing some parts of the grounds, and this may be weather-dependent.

Fully accessible toilet and shower facilities can be found as part of the Base Camp. Shower facilities are comprised of a wet room with a toilet that is accessible by wheelchair users. There are no steps into the Base Camp main building, but users should be aware that a longer route may need to be taken to some of the camping areas if wheelchair access is required. Please feel free to contact us on 09744556044 if you would like to discuss your requirements.

What is available in the kitchen area?

Base Camp has its own kitchen and food prep area inside the main building. The kitchen has an electric cooking hob and electricity throughout, as well as hot and cold running water. The kitchen is stocked with a limited supply of crockery and a small number of pots and pans as well as glasses and mugs. Hirers looking to use the kitchen facilities to cook will need to supply washing up liquid and cleaning fluids, as well as any food they are hoping to cook. The kitchen has a large refrigerator, a kettle and a sink in which to wash up.

Which areas are out of bounds?

The areas available to groups may vary depending on the month and the type of activity. In general, all public rights of way may be used and most other well-defined tracks and footpaths.  There is no access to the Linkenholt Estate except where specifically authorised, and no access to fields with growing crops, or those containing livestock. Map reading and other activities should be designed to keep participants on recognised tracks.  All farm buildings and equipment, private houses, and gardens are out of bounds at all times.

Can we light fires on site?

Yes. As part of a true countryside experience we expect that groups will avail themselves of the opportunity to sit around a campfire together. However, fires must only be lit in designated areas and must be supervised at all times by group leaders. Linkenholt Adventure Centre Staff will show you the designated areas for camp fires during your check-in, and if you are unsure you can check by calling 07944556044.

What are the security arrangements on site?

Linkenholt Adventure Centre cannot be held responsible in any way for the security of individuals’ or groups’ equipment, especially at the Test Way passes the base camp area of the site. We recommend that visitors to the site do not leave items of high value unattended, and that low-value items are kept out of sight when unattended.

Who is responsible for safety on site?

Group leaders are responsible for the safety of their groups and on arrival should satisfy themselves that they know how to operate the fire safety equipment at the base camp. Groups must bring their own first aid kits, and must have their own policies and precautions in place in respect of health and safety. Groups mist also have their own policies in place regarding safe food handling and cooking. Gas cylinders must be kept outside of the building at all times.

Do we need insurance?

All groups must have their own insurance for the activities the organise. Insurance must include cover for damage to, or loss of, the group’s own property and equipment or Linkenholt property and equipment. Insurance must also include cover for injury to a group’s members. The group must also have their own public liability insurance.

Who should we contact in case of emergency?

All groups should have at least one mobile telephone for use in emergencies, although reception at the site can be intermittent. 999 should be used as a first point of contact for all emergencies. It may be safer to arrange an rendezvous with the emergency services at the road junction in the centre of Linkenholt Village, rather than calling them out to the site. More routine/ less-urgent matters should be referred as soon as possible to the site manager on 07595 902780.

When you leave

Do we need to check-out?

Yes. You will have arranged a time to check out of the site prior to booking and a member of Linkenholt Adventure Centre staff will meet you to go through checking out. You will need to complete a check-out inspection with  the staff member, after which all responsibility for the site and equipment will be passed back to us. It is important, at this stage, to ensure that all rubbish has been collected and the facilities have been cleaned before checking out.

What if we are delayed leaving, or need to leave early?

We are very flexible with hirers however, if there are changes to your time of departure you will need to let us know immediately so that we can arrange to have a member of Linkenholt Activity centre staff on site to meet you. On some occasions, the staff member will not already be in the immediate area and so we require as much notice as possible if you need to alter your time of departure. Additional charges may be incurred if a late departure makes it impossible for the next group to check in on time so this is to avoided unless in an emergency.

Will we get our deposit back?

Your non-refundable deposit is a fee paid upon booking, which serves to hold your requested dates. If you cancel our booking at any stage after having secured it with your deposit, the deposit will not be refunded to you. If you proceed to use the site, the deposit will be refunded against the cost of your booking (ie, you will be invoiced for the total booking coast minus the £25 you have already paid).

Please note, the £25 deposit is not a security deposit. Any damages that require equipment to be replaced or the site to be repaired will be invoiced separately. Damages will be discussed during your check-out inspection with Linkenholt Adventure Centre staff. Please see our full Terms and Conditions of Hire for details.