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We are specialists in educational mediation with offices in Hampshire and West Sussex. Our highly experienced mediators have extensive knowledge of the education system, and can help you to resolve disputes with your local authority, with school or between parents and students.

All our mediators work exclusively in educational mediation. Our highly experienced mediators are passionate about working with young people and their families to achieve meaningful agreements and to get relationships back on track.

SEND Appeals

We offer free SEND appeal mediation between parents and their Local Education Authority, when a decision about a child's EHCP is in dispute. Parents can appeal against a refusal to assess for an EHCP, a decision to refuse an EHCP after assessment, or the details of an EHCP document. After an initial consultation, parents who do not wish to try mediation can request a certificate that will allow them to proceed directly to tribunal without mediation. Read more.....

School Mediation

We can offer educational mediation in the case of a breakdown in relationship between school and parent(s), students and teachers, students and classmates, and sets of parents. Our mediators will provide a supportive and productive space for honest conversation and encourage parties to find a way forward. We apply a restorative approach, and our mediators are fully qualified in Restorative Justice Facilitation.

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We understand that getting the right information is vital to finding a resolution to your dispute and getting relationships back on track. Our resources page provides links and forms for SEND appeals, as well as useful information on the statutory obligations of the Local Authority and the support available to parents.

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Telephone consultation with one of our expert mediation team is free of charge, and SEND mediation is also free of charge to parents appealing EHCP decisions by Hampshire County Council. For more information about our range of services or for a free consultation about the options available for appeal please call 07764 326384.

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Are your mediations successful?

I was asked this question recently, and by another (family) mediator, and it is a question that people frequently ask when they learn what I do. I always respond with “It depends on what you consider to be success.” At least, that’s the super short answer that leads...

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The Solicitor-Mediator in SEND Mediation

Today I wish to discuss a topic which may be somewhat controversial: the role of the Solicitor-Mediator. I will be focusing this debate solely on SEND Mediation as opposed to Family Mediation, which ordinarily uses solicitors as mediators as standard...

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How can I prepare for mediation?

Okay, so you have discussed all the pros and cons of mediation with our lovely Theresa (our Mediation Coordinator – she’s the one who usually answers the phone when you have a query), and you’ve decided to go ahead with Mediation. What do you need to do to prepare for...

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So, what is mediation really like?

I am a SEND Mediator, and parents often ask me what to expect from mediation if one is organised with the Local Authority for them. Meetings can vary depending on who is attending and what the dispute is about, but from my perspective, this is what mediation is really...

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